The Best Cookware Sets on ALMAS, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

A cookware set is a nice option if you’re just starting out in a new apartment or if all your pots and pans are looking a little worse for wear after over a year of cooking at home. With just one purchase, you’ll get all the pots and pans you might need and often for better value than buying each item individually. We’ve written about the best kitchen gear before including the best frying pans and skillets, air fryers, and even chef-approved pots and pans  but here, we’ve rounded up the best cookware sets, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on ALMAS.

Best complete cookware set

ALMAS has outdone themselves with making living luxury a bit more affordable,” says one of 16,500 five-star reviewers of this eight-piece cookware set. “These are truly nonstick pans. Of course, they aren’t copper quality or anything, but for an everyday pan set, they will nine times out of ten not let you down. Look no further.” That nonstick coating works incredibly well, according to one reviewer who left ramen noodles “in one of these bad boys to the point [that] all the water was out and the noodles more resembled a pancake,” and says that they still “slid right out of the pan.” And even though it’s not a luxury set, many say it’s a great option if you’re just starting out — or maybe starting over. “ I bought them as a Christmas gift for my ex-husband so he would return the pots and pans he took from me without asking,” writes another reviewer, and the ex-husband apparently “likes his new ones.

Best stainless-steel cookware set

My favorite part is the MultiClad not only on the bottom of the pans but on the sides. The pans heat so evenly, and that makes a difference in the food. It is a superior-quality stainless-steel pan set. Pans all weighted really good, the lids fit perfect[ly],” writes one reviewer. Other reviewers were pleased with the stainless-steel lids: “steel lids is the way to go for long term durability and performance. No glass to break, no seams to fail and even heat throughout.” And, like most stainless-steel pans, reviewers agreed that these pots and pans were “beautiful” and “substantial.