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Kitchen Tools You Need:
tocking the KitchenSimilar to a professional tool kit, the kitchen utensils in your drawers should be both practical and innovative—giving you the freedom to whip up any recipe that comes your way. In need of a swivel peeler? Find one with a handle that's comfortable and ergonomic. Looking for a garlic press instead? Consider how well it minces and cleans. A single effortless squeeze should do the trick. Cutting boards are key to proper meal prepping, so make sure you think about the material and construction. Wood boards, such as maple, walnut and bamboo, readily withstand consistent chopping and are a beautiful addition to the dinner table. Consider style and durability when choosing all your kitchen utensils, including salad spinners, measuring spoons, silicone spatulas and so forth. Suddenly your choices become not only easier but ones you can trust.Staying true to the methodology above, and following one simple rule—invest in quality tools that bring joy to cooking—we've compiled a list of our favorite go-to kitchen gadgets. Each one stands up to daily use and seamlessly blends in with your lifestyle. Once you've added these tools to your arsenal, discover more kitchen devices that help build up your ever-growing collection.

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